Sunday, October 27, 2013

Final Project

The final is approaching and thus confusion ensues

Size:  6' x  6 ' (white paper roll, papers taped together, brown paper, newspaper, magazines, book pages, etc)

Materials: Vine/conte/compressed charcoal for figure (NO PENCIL)
                    Any or all of the supplies for the rest of the drawing

Drawing: A Self Portrait where:
                 _ You do not have to draw yourself
                 _  More than one person can be drawn
                 _ One whole figure must be drawn in proportion (seated, standing or in pieces)

                 An Environment where linear logic is unwelcomed:
                 _ Elements do not make sense
                 _ Visual ideas can be presented without some explanation behind
                 _  You are open to draw things unrelated to each other philosophically
                 _  Incorporate text, pattern
                 _  Besides the figure draw things not from observation
                 _  Think visually AND compositionally
                 _  Use and abuse art history (borrow, steal, make it your own, mix, remix)

 Neo Rauch

Frida Kahlo

Matthias Weischer

Shahzia Sikander

Anya Kielar

Georg Baselitz

Dana Schutz

Nikki Lee

James Ensor

Liu Xiaodong

Max Ernst

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